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Shenzhen MINSUTechnology Co., Ltd,Is a research and development,Is a research and development and manufacturing.Intelligent sweeping machine of high-tech companies,due tothe companyAlwaysStand onInjection molding machineindustry.and soAs early as 2010Get in touch with smart products,Through many years of practical experience. And in 2012 the successful development of intelligent sweeping machine in the field of household products.Have a number of patented technologies in the industry,And set up in Dongguan sweeping machine factory.Is set research and development, production and sales as one of the sweeping machine company.With research and development technology and improve the production supply system Plastic brand to quality, low repair rate, high efficiency services, widely recognized by the market.In 2013, the products started to be sold at home and abroad.Products throughout China, Japan, Singapore, the United States, Australia, France and more than 30 countries worldwide.Received widespread recognition of users at home and abroad,With the continuous innovation of intelligent products research and development.MINSU As always, "seek development through innovation and technology".For the purpose The latest technology, the most humane of smart products and services to users worldwide! 
 Brand history 
2011  successfully developed auto-timing and reserving cleaning technology and solve the noise problem.
2012  successfully developed intelligent dirt-detecting system and super auto recharge function, and virtual wall function.
2013  Successfully developed LED display and intelligent alarm function. 
2014  Successfully developed MinSu TianRui serial intelligent cleaner, combined anti-drop, remote control, mop functions in one machine.
2015  MinSu TianRui serial products were present to market officially June 2015 reach business cooperation with Hair and produce Humming serial robot cleaner for Hair. 
2016 MinSu TianRui serial product presents to market, and have successful marketing as below listed: 
In January, reach cooperation with CHIGO Group, and received first order of 1000 units; 
In May, reach cooperation with LEFT&RIGHT furniture brand, and received order of 1000 units; 
In May, reach cooperation with several customers from abroad from EU and America market with order over 3000 units. 
Currently, MinSu intelligent technology has set foot in home cleaning robot into a comprehensive market, and will create another miracle of its own. own.