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How to use the The Floor Cleaning Robot correctly?

     Today, many families have intelligent Floor Cleaning Robot to help clean, although the Floor Cleaning Robot is very intelligent for automatic cleaning,but human factors on the cleaning robot to complete the task of cleaning is still not small, below is a summary of how to use the The Floor Cleaning Robot correctly.

  1、Check before use

Before using,need to roughly check the home environment, try to move away any unnecessary obstacles to facilitate Floor Cleaning Robot movement. At the same time, pay attention to check the ground for flammable materials such as cigarette butts,

If flammable materials are inadvertently inhaled into the machine,it is likely to cause damage to the Floor Cleaning Robot.

  2、 Reasonable placement

Although the current mainstream Floor Cleaning Robot is sweeping and mopping on the same machine, they are best not keep in a long-term wet environment, otherwise it is easy to damage the motor, battery, causing short circuit problems.

   3、timed cleaning of the robot

According to the dirty conditions, The Floor Cleaning Robot should be regularly cleaned. Dust bins and filters, can be washed, and then placed in a cool and dry place to dry. In addition, after long-term use of Floor Cleaning Robot, roller brush and side brush is bound to wrap a lot of hair. They also need to periodically taken out for cleaning. If the brush begin to bend, placed it in hot water for 1-2 minutes, it will return to the original position. 

  4、Battery maintenance

The battery life of our Minsu Floor Cleaning Robot is very long, and equipped with automatic docking. It generally can complete the cleaning of the whole house very smoothly. However,if you do not pay attention to battery maintenance,may need to charge multiple times to sweep the whole house, this not only reduce cleaning efficiency, but also reduce the battery life. So it is necessary to maintain the battery. Battery maintenance should pay attention to the following four aspects:

1 Be sure to allow the battery to fully discharge and charge in order to improve battery life;

2 Try not to overcharge the battery;

3 Do not disassemble the battery;

4 If the Floor Cleaning Robot will be non-use for a long term, battery needs to be removed after fully charged. Put in a cool and dry place, re-install it when ready to use.