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Important notice about Minsu intelligent robot vacuum

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There is a master power switch at the back of the robot. Turn the master power switch on before use, and turn it off after every use so as to protect the battery.

1、There is a master power switch at the back of the robot. Turn the master power switch on before use, and turn it off after every use so as to protect the battery.

2、Use out the battery before 1st time recharge. Charge time for initial charge is better to be 6 hours, and 1-2 hours afterwards.

3、Regarding auto recharge, when the battery power is less than 20%, the robot will automatically detect the location of the charge base and return to recharge. Please make sure the charge base location is unblocked, and fix the charge base probably against the wall. Make sure there is no blockage within 1.5 meter at both side, and within 3 meters at front side, and ensure no signal interference around the charge base.

4、When the battery is fully charged, 3 battery lights will be on and they will be in red, yellow and green color. All 3 lights on indicates the robot is in full battery.

5、The robot height is 195px which allows it to move around freely under furniture which have 250px distance to the floor. In case your furniture is just 200px distance to the floor, the robot may be stocked under the furniture, luckily this robot has an intelligent withdraw function, which enable it to get itself out from stock automatically (Seldom found other robot have this function in the market). If the robot gets stocked under your furniture, please use the remote to help the robot get itself out. 

6、This robot can move around on most carpets normally used in homeShort haired and flat carpetcarpet thickness less than 37.5px. However since the carpet texture and figure could be various, if your carpet is plush and with hair length at 250px, the robot may got trouble move on thus carpet and get its brushes bound together. In this case, the robot will need your help to remove the carpet or cut the carpet hair to be shorter. But do not worry, for cleaning human hair, pet hair or batting, it’s just a piece of cake for our robot.

7、Regarding mop function, please install the mop (see install instruction on the user manual, and pay attention to the direction of the mop when install) and use the mop function (you can press the MOP button on the control board or on the remote). Do not use the mop under SWEEP mode, otherwise the robot may get broken.

8、If the robot is alone at home and reserved to clean the house, please clean up possible blockages such as the shoes, floor mats or wires, so the robot will finish the cleaning task perfectly.

9、The robot has powerful climb ability with front wheel speed detector, and is able to climb over slopes at height up to 15 degree. But if the robot climb onto something (for example, on the floor fan base with height at 50px to the ground) and get both wheels dangled, in this case it will not be able to get itself off, and will need your kind helping hand to get off.

10、Please check and clean up the dust tank regular, and clean up the front brushes and middle brushes, so the robot can work normally. Please clean up the dust tank after every time cleaning.

       11、Finally, please give some time to the robot to get familiar with the new home. It’s smart and with good memory, and you will love it in time. (The robot has memory function, and will record the cleaning path after 2 to 3 times cleaning, and afterwards, it will automatically clean up the house perfectly.)

      If you encounter any problems in the use of the sweeping robot , please contact us first, we will do our best to solve the problems , until you are satisfied, thank you!

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