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Advantages of joining MinSu 

 Supports for joining

1.Lasting and considerable profit range

2.Consolidated branding and pricing to maintain the normal price system;

3.Providing finest After-sales service and After-sales training for deputized dealers under contracted circumstances;

4.Providing relevant product knowledge training for deputized dealers, and providing marketing strategy training and project planning occasionally;

5.Providing superior product with good quality, completing product line and present new products timely according to the marketing strategy;

6.Construction the On-line service platform together, and enjoy a full range of services provided by MinSu.

Conditions for joining

◆Holding legal operation qualification, and having independent and fixed business sites.

◆Having passionate and aggressive marketing and service staffs, and have certain strength for investment and distribution network.

◆Having good business reputation, extraordinary sense for marketing and branding,  and not having spiteful intention to break the price system,

◆Having the willing to cooperate with the company in developing, managing and servicing the market, and having passion in this industry

minsu Procedure for joining

Investment consulting

Investor to make a call or fax or leave an online message to investment counselor to ask for matters and files about business cooperation.

Investor visit

Investor to visit the company and to discuss and confirm the cooperation, and submit application for cooperation.

Joining qualification verification

General headquarter to verify the investor to confirm the cooperation.

Contract signing

Both party to sign contract of joining distribution business after both sign confirmed with no dispute for the cooperation.

Open for business and follow-up support

General headquarter to give assistance to investor to open for business and provide instruction and help. After the business started, headquarter to provide guidance for marketing and managing.

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